Take a Veteran Fishing

Take a Veteran Fishing

BASSIN' ON Lures is happy to announce our "Take a Veteran Fishing" program.

This program is to take veterans kayak fishing at no cost to them. It is designed to help and show how therapeutic, fishing and kayak fishing can be. Fishing has an extremly relaxing effect.  Being out in nature away from distractions and being one with our beautiful outdoors helps with our mental health. Fishing has absolutely helped me after my injury and I want to help others heal as well.

We are located in Eastern Ontario, Canada. If you are a Veteran or know of a Veteran that would like to try kayak fishing, please send us a message with your information and location with a bit of background to see how we can help out. I also have had other anglers approach me stating that they would be willing to help us out. And if you are interested in fishing but would rather not kayak we can also do some shore fishing.

Thank you and happy casting!!


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